A Song Not Quite Written

I hope that it's got a happy ending.

Two years ago he started writing a song about me. He called me his Muse. He loved me and we...

My heart breaks over and over again about the potential and beauty of that grand romance. Of the Stars and the songs that were not quite written.

Two years ago today he told me that I was a god. Today I feel anything but in his eyes. Hell I don't know if he would even look at me again. His actions and words...

Six years ago yesterday I wrote an update with a quote from the movie "The Crow:"

"It can't rain all the time."

Two years ago Saturday I published a video with Jonas attempting to crawl... and Stars talking and playing with him.

Two years ago Thursday he published an update with the picture and start of a song below:

Captivated by the idea of love,
so why was she stuck with the bill?
She didn't want to live a life trapped inside a box, 
and for that no one wants to forgive.
Some have offered just enough to keep her alive,
yet in the end it would be held against.
Quite a few have promised her the world, 
but all she wants is her children.
Brothers together

Brothers together

And the updates come and pour in. The stories and songs continue to not be written.. and written without me. We are both working on things in our own lives. It's just the path that needs to happen right now. We traveled this way for a long time before our serendipitous intersection once. Sadly it's hard to just go back when you feel like you've...

It was very wonderful to feel love like that. To be Once Loved. I miss it and I miss them all. I really hope... sigh... that the next two years of updates don't match the ones that followed on the days after my birthday of him completely purposely ignoring any part of my existence. These are the joys of putting your heart out there.

These are the makings of songs and stories... that I wouldn't trade for a moment. Because those moments were pure and lovely even if they aren't here right this moment.

But hey... anyone got a flux capacitor for the time being? I mean I have a hunch there's a certain Little Girl in a Big City that might even know where you can get a Delorean to make the time travel happen if... "you're ready for your life to change" as I may have told the Stars once upon a not quite our time then too.