Compliance and Natural Law

And the space of forced aggressive silences.

 As a note, this particular scribble was sadly inspired by a real life event where my sister was tragically found murdered.

This is how my sister was found.

Stuffed in a box forced into a silent state.

This is what is like to be around an abusive power hungry control system. It is one that demands "grace" in the face of adversity and one that commands "existing" and ultimately... this. The worst part of all of it is that during this whole process, you are also expected to feel thankful that you are given this opportunity. That you should be happy to bury your ideas about potential "rights" as you put yourself into that box willingly. You are told that you are acting "entitled" or that you are suffering some sort of "mental deficit" for questioning or fighting back. You're told you're stupid for fighting when you're fighting because you are doing it with your voice in the wrong medium... the proper medium is a court room and that's only if you survive there let alone it's "due" process system.

Sadly this scribble is emblematic of every potential person who ends up in abusive relationship... no matter where it ends up coming from- whether it's an agency claiming to "protect" or from a person acting as an agency whose goal is to protect their "best interest"... in keeping you silent and making you ultimately go away from "existing" as you refuse to do it the way they insist... and with a smile.

This scribble is a testament to all those forced into silence. Please know that you are not alone. Your voice is heard and I believe in your freedom. I'm probably being a bit stupid as I fight this harder than my peers would request me to but... I'm fighting it anyway and will be crying the whole time feeling this way with you.