Reach of Faith

What if everything you ever wanted was already within reach?

Many years ago this very thought came about. It came about in a strange way. It came about randomly after a moment of devastation.

My car had broken down.

On the way to work.

In the rain.

With a friend in the car.

I wish I was lying.

Sadly, I'm not.

I filmed it ages ago.

It was comical.

I made two videos kind of comical.

I'll try and blog about it later over on Little Girl, Big City in my about my city adventures type stories section.

But I digress.

At one point after I ended up getting to work, I went to write and had a pen explode on my hand. There was a spot in it which I drew around. I made it a star. Every time I looked at my hand I thought about it. Stars are very dear to me. They have been for probably as long as I can't remember.

And then... beauty in a somewhat "fictitious" mythical word. Does faith exist? Do dreams exist? How do you create what you do not know much beyond wish for? 

Everything you want and crave is just one reach away. Everything you want is also right there... in the palm of your hand. You have the way to cultivate it. You just have to believe through the fog of the clutter of the life around you.

It exists.

You exist.

Now reach out and grab it.