No Name Danger

Names matter... especially at midnight thirty.

I was working late last night for the Labor Day weekend when I got a ping in an area I'm not super familiar with and there was another ride prior that alluded to it not being safe. I headed to the pin- a Lyft Line request- about twelve thirty am or so. 

Again before I continue, I must restate that it was late. It's an area that I don't know too much. I've had trouble with passengers before this one complaining about drug users in the area. This does not fill me with confidence and safety let alone at the hour I was driving. I was not going to take any chances.

I kept the door locked as I pulled up to the location and hit arrive. There was a loud party at the location. I was already nervous taking the ride as it was. Would this be a loud obnoxious drunk? I took a deep breath and just hoped for the best.

I started to wait for the person to come. Lyft Line provides a timer which the passenger has a very short amount of time to get to the car.

A man approached my car. I unrolled the window but did not unlock the door. I covered my phone.

"Can I get the name on the account please?"
"Nope. Sorry. Can you please tell me the name or maybe there is another Lyft coming?"

That wasn't right either.

"It's really late and I need the name on the account. Unfortunately both of those names are wrong. Are you sure that this is the right car for you?"
"Well can't you just take me? My friend ordered it."

At this point it looks even more fishy to me. How could this person have not known the correct name or even be anywhere close to it?

"It's really late and it's a safety issue. I don't feel very comfortable and cannot take this ride without the right name. I'm sorry.*"

Note: I was not really sorry as I had no intention of dying due to some...

"I'll go back and get the right name then."

The clock was running. I felt really really really unsafe. As soon as it timed out I ended the ride. This was too fishy.

So that's the story of the dangers that sadly sometimes linger in the background of doing this job.

How's your Sunday going? Be safe out there drivers and riders.

Stay tuned for more rideshare stories though... served fresh with perspective and more for you weekly here on Little Girl Big City.