Green Pressed Life

Sometimes the universe just provides exactly what you need right in your car when you're providing someone what they need in your car.

I had a great night the night prior*...

it might end up on the Once Loved section although it was not anything about love persay but it was a date... and not with Stars even. Gasp!

That said, a friend of mine was recommending me to get some greens for the day to help me get back to 100%. I had planned on doing so but had to get a few rides in before I made my trek cross town to my regular spot for juice that keeps me healthy... ish.*

Yes that's another blog to read about my healthy state of being as you might have guessed.

I was downtown creeping my way towards Culver and the west side post when Horatio pinged and bid me.. to take him to Culver City.

Horatio was finishing some errands after his regular day gig that.. was actually right in line with my universe desires.

Horatio was a vibrant spirit as he hopped into the car. He told me about how he is a hard working dad trying his very best to survive here in Los Angeles. 

"It's so bad I think I need a second job part time. I'm working so much and it's just never enough."

As a single mom that seems to most always be working or in between appointments I felt my heart connected with this passenger so much... and then it happened.

"What kinds of work do you do? Are you full time or do you do anything else?"
"I'm looking for career level work right now but this is my full time currently. I have to catch up on things and having a child is super expensive as you know.  I've been working a ton though and relaxed a little last night since my son wasn't with me for the evening. I never do that. I feel bad treating myself with most anything but I did it this last week and plan on working twice as hard this week to make up for it."
"You deserve to treat yourself every so often. Are you going to be driving all night then?" 
"No not tonight. Likely tomorrow. I've got an appointment later tonight and I'm thinking I might need to do my thing and get my yuppie juice after I drop you off..."
"I actually work for an organic juice place. You should try something of ours if you haven't already. Do you want a sample?"
"Um.. wow yes. Yes I absolutely would. The organic juice is what keeps me alive. I'm a big fan and a friend of mine was just commenting about how I should get something green to help with my headache this morning..."

Horatio handed me a bottle of Tropic Thunder made locally by The Raw Juicery. Tropic Thunder has pineapple, kale, apple, romaine, lemon, and mint. It was pretty tasty and it was just what I needed.

"Oh my god thank you so much for this! You are a life saver today. It's like the universe provided. This is exactly what I needed today. I live for cold pressed juices. They're life changing."
"Yes they are. I've cut out a lot of junk since I started working there. It feels better living a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for the ride."

Juice aside, Horatio was truly wonderful and I'm glad I got to have his company in my car. He's super hard working and a great testament to the individuals that make this country and city so great.

Have you met anyone recently that has made your day in a serendipitous fashion? I'd love to hear about it. For more rideshare and other stories about life from the view of a Little Girl in a Big City, I encourage you to come back. Until then, have a most delightful Friday that you can be green and envious of regardless if it's in cold press juice format or otherwise.

Cheers and be well!