There's a Light

And a celebration every year that honors the capability within to overcome the darkness.

A friend posted about a very important event the weekend before this last one. There were two events that were important to me posted. Both of them were thematic of the beacon of light in my darkness.

One event was an art showing where psychologists all over gathered together and showcased their art. The art was a deeper window into the souls of those who are out there assisting those in dark days. For those that are here in Los Angeles, I highly recommend that you go look and see for yourself just what those in your area are contributing to both the art as well as the space of the mind. Regardless if you enjoy the art or are an art connoisseur, the show serves a great looking glass of light.


The second was a legendary event to honor a legendary event. It's a story of beauty and magic and... a tale of a light in darkness called Dimwali.

After the art showing I wanted to make at least a cameo at the event. Given the temperament of things, I thought it was exactly what I needed. My heart sought light. It is what this journey and fight has all been about anyway. It is what I felt about Jonas that first time that I made a vow to save him... the little light in my abortion story.

I entered the yoga center without shoes to find a warm gathering of individuals listening intently to a fantastic story. It is the Indian tale of Ranayama

I recorded several pieces of this beautiful event. It was more than just a story. It was music. It was kindness. It was warmth and so much of everything that my heart could ever want.

My friend that posted the information didn't end up going to the event. I didn't meet anyone there. I could have. I chose to attend in silence. I chose to just listen and love and just let everything soak in.

I had missed the individual showing at the event for the art show too. It didn't seem in the cards for me to have much interaction with others that night. It was also partially fueled by my choice. I'm sure I could have connected with others there looking at all the art and meeting with the psychologists and mental health professionals that showcased. I wanted to be introspective that night.

It was a choice.

It was my choice.

And choices are a huge part of that journey too.

It was a solo mission that evening like so much of this year. It was a night to embrace the Invisible Me a bit. It's such a departure from the days of being Once Loved.. in a different... light.

For a couple of hours last Saturday evening I spent listening to the marvelous tale of the Indian journey of light over darkness. It is celebrated every year. It is something that I want to also celebrate once a year. I highly encourage you to learn more about it and perhaps maybe even attend next year.

Saturday evening Dimwali celebrating this year was quiet and thought provoking and beautiful and... just the light and reminder that I needed. It's truly amazing what is out there. It's truly amazing the stories that people are capable of. There is a light. There are times where good really does conquer all. How will you pay tribute? How will you let light in? What will your story be? Remember that the capabilities of overcoming the darkness may be closer than you might think.. perhaps even buried within that invisible part of you.