Good Energy from a Familiar Locale

Oh how this one wasn't far from home even if it's far from the place I currently call home.

Jane sent me this card from the Department of Energy that I wanted to share. Science cards are very rare to my postbox. Here's a description of what is on the front of the card:

"Fermilab is developing a new generation of superconducting cavities to propel particles. Made of niobium and cooled to extremely low temperature, these devices allow electric fields to oscillate without electrical resistance. Stringing many of these cavities together, physicists can accelerate particles to close to the speed of light."

The message that was handwritten was also full of energy and spirit. Jane read about my sister and said it was near where she went to college.  I would check her profile as I registered this card to find that she was.. near where my sister went to college (a different part of IL than she spent her final days).

It was a very beautiful message of care and thought. 

Here's the card itself. Super thankful for it, the memories, and of course, the energy. Kindness is its own science after all.

US- 4223024

US- 4223024